Event Description:

This event focuses in the ability of the participants to reformulate their designing skills and reliving their dream into a reality.

Round 1:

Questionnaire round related to CAD and Engineering drawing.

Round 2:

Participants will be given a problem statement based on which they have to design using CAD. The proposed design should satisfy the requirements.

Round 3:

Participants will have to fabricate a model of the structure which they had sketched in their previous round with the materials provided to them. The model designed by them should also satisfy the dimensional details.

Judgement Criteria

  • Load Bearing Capacity
  • Exact Dimensions
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Effective usage of materials
  • Judges Decision is final

No.of Participants

2-3 per team

Prize Money : Rs.25,000/-


Keerthi Prakash - 8489303030
Dharshini - 9629521981