Event Description:

“The house starts with basement, car starts with chassis”

The Ultimate gratification for an engineer is his alluring design. Test out your designing skills and delineate the prototype of a chassis. Coruscate the prototype without any aid of modeling software and dispatch out through hands on work. Get to your nerves and flaunt to the world your exquisite prototype. Cast a spell with your intricate and elegant designs and leave the audience spell bound!


  • There can be maximum of four participant per team.
  • Event is made without aid of any designing software.
  • Basic methodology applies.
  • Kits will be provided.
  • Event is on spot and timed (3 hours)


To design a chassis, as per the given specification within the stipulated time. The chassis should be designed to withstand all kind of loads.


General introduction about the chassis (history, types, dynamics beyond designing).

Kits Provided:

A pouch containing

  • 7m Copper WIRE (1mm diameter).
  • WIRE CUTTER (e g - PYE 950 Wire Cutter).
  • METRE SCALE 30cm

Design Procedure:

  • Ensure total length of chassis within 280 ± 20mm.
  • Distance between front & rear wheel centre (wheel base) 200mm.
  • Distance between front or rear wheel (wheel track) 115mm.
  • Bumper height must lie between 40–50mm.
  • Suspension with 35mm in height 20mm width.

Copper wire could be cut accordingly as per your design. Effective usage of wire is key to design. Total length is not fixed as your chassis may be suited for coupe, hatchback, sedan, truck or race cars. At same time your wheel base, track and suspension dimensions are vital as the chassis holder (used for testing) is made with these as reference dimension. If your chassis fails in this case, testing cannot be done. On completion your chassis will be evaluated based on your design. Evaluation based on dimension and load test.

Dimension Test:

Chassis is mounted on the chassis holder & dimensions will be measured as per the given specification. Accuracy in dimension earns more points.

Load Test:

The chassis base will be supported on holder with help of your suspension at certain height. It will be made sure that there will no horizontal movement of chassis. Gradually applied loads of 250-500g will be placed on your chasse. A vertical scale is mounted on the chassis holder to measure the deformation due to load. Smaller deformation earns more points.

Torsional Rigidity Test:

Chassis will be locked on the holder with help of clips at certain height. An arm is fixed to the front axle and parallel to it, one end of arm rests freely and other end has provision to carry loads. On applying the load the deflection of arm is measured in the vertical scale mounted on the holder. Smaller deflection earns more points.

Prize Money : Rs.33,000/-