“God doesn’t play dice with the universe”- Einstein
Do you believe it?
Prove it by creating a series of paradigm shifting energy conversions and control their out come!


  1. Every team should have the abstract of their model in a form of a report.
  2. Set up should be eco-friendly.
  3. Minimum of 5 Conversions are essential.
  4. Electrical connections of less than 24V is permitted.
  5. Explosions without causing damage to the surrounding are allowed.
  6. The explosions should take place in a controlled manner.
  7. Only 3 trials allowed per team.
  8. Max of 3 alterations are allowed during the time of trial.
  9. Only a team of 3 members are allowed.


Your device should be able to powerup a arrow to hit the target placed at 1m away from your device.

Prize Money : Rs.25,000/-