About Daksh

Technology feeds on technology.

Technology makes more technology possible.

-Alvin Toffler

Every fleeting second gives birth to a new idea. Every minute, witnesses a path-changing breakthrough. Every week, marks a brand new innovation. Every month, contributes to the evolution of one technology from another...

And every year, we at DAKSH, celebrate all these moments!

For those among you, who think that every facet of technology has been already explored, who challenge the emergence of newer inventions, who feel that the hall of fame is overcrowded with the geniuses of yesteryears... DAKSH’10 promises to prove you wrong! The fourth edition of SASTRA University’s inter-national level tech fest, brings with it more contests, more prize money and definitely more fun.

Engineering is not just a stream or degree to be studied and worked hard upon, we at DAKSH look upon engineering as an experience to be enjoyed and cherished. Every branch of engineering has its own share of attention at the fest with contests, workshops and guest lectures dedicated to each one. Apart from this huge arena of engineering, we also have a whole cluster of events devoted to the much coveted field of management.

DAKSH has always aspired to be a fest with a difference, and this year, we are aiming to reach higher altitudes in this mission. DAKSH’10 is not just about improving technology, but also about improvising it and making it benefit the environment and society. This has triggered the idea of adopting a set of initiatives and implementing them through the fest.

We invite you, not just to take part, but also to be a part of DAKSH and discover the whole big world it has evolved into.



Tirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur - 613 402.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: +91 4362 264101 - 108, 304000 - 010.

Telefax: +91 4362 264120.

Student Coordinator

SRI HARSHA RANI [+91] 97897 55514