Feb 24-25-26

SASTRA University
Thanjavur, India


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Do you dare to look back in the past? Seriously, if any normal human being ever invented a time machine, he would only want to see his future and never the past. But by the time we get a time machine, who knows? The world might not be there at all. Engineering is not all about very complex stuff that might give you a chance to change your lives, but it is indeed all about finding simple solutions to greater problems which we often forget to notice – This is what the Team DAKSH 12 believes in. We also believe that engineering must reach everywhere as solutions, simple and practical, cleansing this world off of problems. Let us make a change today, not in the form of inventing time machines, but by inventing carbon nano tubules from smoke, biodiesel from waste and a lot more that can extend our lives and promise a future for us and the generations to come by.


Observation translates into science and when we apply science, it becomes engineering. What good is any engineering if that is not used properly? Building your society is no more architecture and art, but it is engineering, for engineering has solutions to all the problems. The largest techno-management fest of the country and one of the best in the world, DAKSH is back again this year, to not just propagate science, but to make a great difference. Chromoxone, Compsense, Nirmaan, Robotrix, ElectronIQ, Envisage and Praakrithi are the clusters of the DAKSH galaxy that would work together in realising this dream of practising useful technology. If you think that you are upto the challenges that we are about to put before you, then enter the gates of SASTRA University this February and test yourself. This is one place to look for problems if you want some!!!