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Mythologically, Mahabharata is considered to be the greatest epic ever told or heard, and is widely accepted as one of the most outstanding literary works. What is in it, existing and what is not, does not. Mahabharata has been popularly interpreted on the lines of a socio-political drama and a war epic. We at DAKSH, this year, adopt this great Indian asset as our theme, and we believe this is not merely the story of a war, but that of the rise and fall of leaders, their machines, the various path-breaking theories and that of technology. Right from the birth of the heroes through a non-biological process, to their scientific and spiritual growth and the different forms of skills and technology that they acquire, to the inception and development of the nuclear weapons, Mahabharata has constantly exemplified that there are no barriers when it comes to realization of science and technology. Besides, on a broader perspective, Mahabharata narrates the events of the 'Dharma Yudh' or the quest for justice, which is has been an everlasting and all pervasive challenge since the dawn of time, more so in the day and age where development in technology might not necessarily translate to welfare of people. Whether it is weapons, cyber tools or international diplomacy for power, they all have a dark side.We at DAKSH, attempt to alleviate this problem by contributing our part to the insightful and fruitful use of technology and finding effective means to cut down misuse. Following lead, this year's edition of DAKSH aims at coming up with events that shall intrigue scientific minds to think a step ahead, to reach that pinnacle where impossible is nothing. And also, to bring out the hidden management gurus, on whose plans the world shall run. All this induced with a balanced sense of righteousness and trademark flavor of fun, DAKSH is all set to sweep you off your feet. Get ready to experience the epic.


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Almost all the time, translation of anything from plan to reality is of outmost importance. Nothing is good enough as long as it's just on paper. Get ready to take the most important step in the creation of a new world. Start building it.


We thought, what's new in a bot that can run on the land the fastest or swim in the water the fastest? Flying bots too are pretty common. But what about a bot that can climb poles and trees? Sounds interesting, doesn't it? :)

Download the problem statement here

Chakravyuha(Aqua Missile)

A highly sophisticated military formation used by Dronacharya during the Mahabharata against the Pandavas. The rotating concentric circles of soldiers were virtually impregnable. The only soul who has ever found his way out of this maze is Arjuna. But Abhimanyu penetrated the Chakravyuha and fought valiantly against the Kaurava Maharathis and died a hero's death. The Great War is recreated where the participants assume the role of Abhimanyu and must defeat the Kaurava Maharathis by striking them with powerful missiles! Let the Best and the Brave prevail!!

Download the problem statement here

Daksh Champions' League - Robo soccer

Competition show cases Real Talent. The Mahabharata has depicted innumerable characters that have proven their mettle. Bhima and Dhuryodhana have been tough competitors and have acknowledged real talent. This event aims at testing the agility and sport skills of robots. How good can it tackle and dribble past the other bots, gives it the edge over other bots. Brownie points for innovative moves are up for grabs, so where are your bots???

Download the problem statement here


Putting the fantastic to reality is the beauty of the electronics. If you have a passion of creativity and innovation this is a place you have to come up with If you think contraptions are all about complex set of cogwheels, gears and shafts then you are thoroughly mistaken. DAKSH is here to break the stereotypic image. Contraptions can also be a never ending network of transistors, wires and crazy patterns in CRO. Detail this crazy circuit with a touch of genius. Can you defy reality by designing an electraption???

In short it's a contraption of electronics.

Download the problem statement here


Get that vehicle! We need to crawl out of sheer danger! Through dungeons and tunnels under the ground and finally into the open!! Wonder what all this is about??

In the Mahabharata, the Kauravas build a palace made of wax and let Pandavas stay in it, so that they can set it ablaze. The Pandavas get to know about this and dig a secret tunnel from the palace to the forest and escape. Here, your robots shall be the Pandavas.

Download the problem statement here

Download the Google Sketch up file here

Key stone

In the Mahabharata, after they escape the burning house of wax, the Pandavas happen to build a magnificent palace full of illusions and traps. One key feature of that palace was that every part ?f the palace was connected by a magical bridge that could only be seen in mirrors and not directly. Too bad, the magic is quite difficult to achieve today. So we only ask of you to try and build a bridge, an Arch Bridge, to be precise. But remember, the most important part of it is the keystone as it holds together the entire structure.

Download the problem statement here

Lineless Follower

Chakravyuh: The human maze. The only soul who has ever found his way out of this maze is Arjuna. Sheer skill, quick thinking and presence of mind are what you need!! Make sure your bot remembers the way in, because there shall be no signs to help it come out. And the story of Abimanyu will be re-lived.

Download the problem statement here


All of us, at some point in our childhood, looked up in the sky to see an airplane and wondered how they worked! This event is for all those who would want to go a step further and realise the science behind it. And if we remember correctly, the last time a flying chariot existed, it helped Arjuna reach Indralok! Aero-modelling anyone??

Download the problem statement here

All have a vision of a cleaner and a greener future. But only a few have the ideas that can change the way of our lives. Being a green warrior is a rare distinction that has credits of its own. Challenge the conventional non environment- friendly ways with your more superior thoughts!

Eco Hunt

THE treasure hunt for environment freaks! How good are you at solving clues related to the environment? Participate in this event, test your knowledge of the environment and everything environment-related, and also have fun doing it!

Download the problem statement here

Green Buildings

Are you a 'Go Green' person? Have you often had ideas about making buildings greener by design? Then this is your chance to present your ideas to make buildings more eco-friendly. This event aims at bringing about eco-friendly buildings to revolutionize the world. So are you ready for the revolution?

Last date of submitting abstract for the first round has been extended to 14-2-13

Download the problem statement here

Snake Boat Voyagers

Are you a fan of the snake boat races of Kerala? Then this is event is sure to capture your heart, for in this event you get to build your own snake boat from scrap metal, and navigate it through a set obstacle course. Are you ready? Get, set, go!

Download the problem statement here

Solar Oven

In order to reduce fuel costs and air pollution, and to slow down the deforestation and desertification caused by gathering firewood for cooking an alternative way of cooking with no fuel are promoted worldwide. A solar cooker, or solar oven, is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize food or drink. Here is an opportunity to build a low budget solar oven with minimal consumption of fuel.

Download the problem statement here

You know what the world wants. You know what you have. Sit down, and chart out the best way to make the swiftest of circuits, safest buildings, efficient machines and robust programs. All this to see a better world driven by your ideas.

Build Your Clock

Jack of all trades?? Master this one! The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to consistently measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. Devices operating on several different physical processes have been used over the millennia, culminating in the clocks of today. How good are you in Basic Electronics? Prove yourself by building a Digital Clock using basic electronics (without using a Microcontroller or a programmable Device).

Download the problem statement here


Use analog and digital electronics to get that perfect tone. Craft that timbre. Cut out the noise. Design that cool circuit that lets you hear what you want out of thin air.

Download the problem statement here

Feeding Frenzy

Breaking free from stereotypical quiz events, this event endeavours to test the many facets of the participants. The participants will not reach the threshold of victory without going through an arduous package of scintillating rounds. Be assured, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Download the problem statement here

Heights and Distances

You know that show on Discovery Channel named 'Megastructures' that pre-dominantly covers the awesomeness of high-rise buildings? As kids, we must have all been in awe at such buildings and definitely wondered how Engineers measure a sky scraper's height. This event needs you to apply your elementary engineering knowledge to do the same.

Number of rounds may increase if the participants are more.

Download the problem statement here


Join us and bring out the child in you. Build the most exciting track you can and launch cars. Construct all those spectacular convolutions you wanted to ride on. Then, watch it come to life!

Download the problem statement here


Rags to riches - is the saying apt for the Pandavas who were given the Indraprastha. Also their days of exile taught the Pandavas lessons of survival from what is available. Technically, nothing is a waste. But everyone has a hard time accepting the fact. This event needs you to prove it. Be innovative and use materials efficiently.

Download the problem statement here

Notch 999

Some fights must be won and some must be resolved. Water sharing between different states has always been a matter of concern. The solution is simple, share the water judiciously, by measuring the water that flows in a river. SIMPLE?

Download the problem statement here


Gone are the days when people believed in superstitions. It’s the facts of science, the science of deduction- that plays a vital role in scientist’s life. In this event you get to play, not the scientist but the detective. So, turn on the gears and sharpen your sight!

Download the problem statement here

Tru-E Story

Jack of all trades?? Master this one! Gather a crew to set sail on this amazing-race by unravelling "E-circuits" from the coded stories. Accost your Electrical acumen and unearth the E-hints to hop on to the sequels!

Download the problem statement here

Peter Drucker famously stated that "management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Both are of tantamount importance when the goal is in sight. Join and enter a whole new labyrinth of people, wants, needs, conditions and resources to make a system that one can't beat.

B PLan

This event sets the perfect stage for the budding entrepreneur. In this event, come up with an innovative idea for a start-up business that can be implemented in campus. Who knows, your idea might take root and become the dream project you always wanted realized!

Video round is eliminated. Please contact organizer for more details.

Download the problem statement here

Last date for submitting the First Round abstract: 15-2-13

Buckle up

Planning to pursue an MBA after your degree? Think you're good at marketing? Then take up the challenge, and show the world your marketing skills! May the sales begin!

Download the problem statement here


The Mahabharata showcased the managerial skills of Bhishma- how well he managed men, material and money. Though he was not the titular ruler of Hastinapur and Indraprastha, he was the effective ruler! Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them and the best way to get it out is create the best of the circumstances. Sharpen your managerial skills by taking part this event!

Download the problem statement here

Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Inventors are intensely curious and continuously probe for possibilities filled with ideas, but value ideas only when they make possible actions and objects. Does this description best describe you? Then you are bound to listen to your heart and mark your presence in this world.


In Contraptions, all that matters is you should arrive to the end-working module, just like how only the truth mattered at the end in Mahabharata, albeit all the lies and cheating that were tried to mask the truth.

Download the problem statement here

Convergence (Live Wire Sr.)

Ideologies and philosophies have evolved along with people. The Mahabharata in itself saw a Confluence of Science, Technology and Philosophy which sets it apart from other epics. All philosophies are interdependent and this understanding alone helps seeking of Knowledge the ultimate success. This event gives you the marvel to mess with the philosophies (i.e., various subjects like computing, bio-technology, civil, mechanical.) of engineering and fuse them with electronics!

Download the problem statement here


No gasoline, please. Get us a vehicle that takes less, and does little harm. Oh yes, speed and mileage do matter!

Download the problem statement here

Heat Exchanger

Come up with that fundamental building block to explore new sources of energy. Try to disprove Carnot for the greater good!

Download the problem statement here

Pro Processor

We have all see this small line printed in our milk sachets, 'Processed Milk'. But apart from milk a lot of other chemicals that we use every day are processed for purification, which makes its usage much viable and easier. So, can you come up with such a chemical processing technique?

Download the problem statement here

Being a fresher gives an immense edge to explore all the domains on which hands can be laid. Here we encourage the same and serve as a launch pad for many things that you could have never thought could be possible in your early stages of college. Jump in the fire and join us in the journey of reconnoitring your strengths.

Be the Geek

Are you a self-proclaimed geek? Then add the title of “Mr. Geek� to your list of feats and achievements! Participate in this event to win the title!

Download the problem statement here

Crack the Code Jr

Are you a C/C++ geek? Do you have a passion for the programming language? Then this event is tailor made for you! This event tests your skill and speed in C/C++ programming! Participate; pitch in your programming talents for the world to see!

Download the problem statement here

Fly the Wheel

The epic has been reloaded. MAHABHARATA has been launched in the battlefield of DAKSH7. In the midst, Arjun’s RATH has been trapped in the CHAKRAVEW of KAURAVAS. He has no option but to use kinetic energy to accelerate out of it.

Download the problem statement here

Live Wire Jr

Have you ever been told off by your parents for tinkering? Do you have an inquisitive mindset? Then this might be the event for you! This event aims at bringing together electronics and everyday appliances that are commonplace in households. How innovative can you get?

Download the problem statement here


Ever wanted to harness the power of the sun? The chance is up for grabs! How much of the sun’s energy can you harness, and how efficiently? The methods and techniques are your creation. The ulterior motive is to harness the sun’s energy. How well can you do it?

Download the problem statement here

Business Quiz

Do you turn to business section instead sports section. Does swaroski, rio tinto and schlumberger interest you. Can you differentiate between cyrus mistry and pranav mistry. Are you interested in Hina rabbani khar's bag than her appearance. If so then Daksh Business is the place where you should be. Come participate and battle with some of the mightiest business minds around the globe.

DAKSH Main Quiz

Are you the kind that spends hours on the internet reading up random threads? Do you wish reading Quora was a daytime job? Do you go online just to check the latest Google Doodle?

Are you interested in basic trivia- does connect, FITB excite you more than anything else?
Daksh Main Quiz is for you.

It doesn't matter if the last idea you participated in was BQC in class 5. Daksh Main Quiz is for the initiated and the uninitiated, for the pros and the amateurs, for anybody whose primary aim in knowledge, gaining and spreading.

DAKSH Scitech Quiz

Did you know that Guinea pig is not a pig? And Bombay duck is not a duck and Tasmanian tiger is ,yes, not a tiger. Do you understand and laugh at obscure science references from The Big Bang Theory? Have you been following weird science fiction shows that you are sometimes termed 'weird'? Fear not, the science and technology quiz at Daksh 2013 is just for you. With questions and interesting trivia ranging from Nobel Prize in Physics to a non-descript worm in Kiribati, it covers just about anything in the world of science. All those hours of watching Discovery and Animal planet to the dismay of family of friends will not go waste.

Rules :
•There will be a prelims round, followed by a finals.
•The top six or eight teams make it to the finals.
•Teams of two. Mixed college teams allowed.

Celeritas Quiz

Come over and demonstrate your prowess in Theoretical physics. Have a look at how much you know about the way the unverse works. Time-dilation? Quantum Electrodynamics? Gravitational Lensing? It's all here. Daksh, in collaboration with Celeritas-The Forum for Theoretical Physics at SASTRA present the Celeritas Quiz.


•Individual Participants only.

•Round 1 of the quiz consists of 19 questions split into 3 sets.
Download the questions for Round 1

Answer this quiz at http://www.collegekhabar.com/quiz . Do not forget to register yourself in this website before you start the quiz

•Sets 1 and 2, which were devised in increasing difficulty, to test your fundamentals, ranging from classical physics to relativity, quantum mechanics and physics beyond the standard model. You don’t have to be a physicist to solve them.

•Set 3 is the ‘sci-fi’ set – the realm of science fiction that has been explored in a plethora of mediums: movies, comics, novels and video games.

•All questions are of subjective type. More marks are allotted to few questions as compared to others. They also contain built-in tie-breakers.

•There is NO time limit. The questions were designed to make the participant think, ponder and logically arrive at the solution using the basics. You may use Word or any software to type/pen down the workings or calculations required for the pertinent questions and paste them in the textboxes provided.

•The deadline for submitting the answers is 12 A.M. 17th February,2013.

• ROUND 2 on 19th to 20th of February, a portal for timed-quiz will be open for the top 20 particiants.

• To obtain the maximum from the questions, it is advised you attempt to solve without external help, since some are real brain-teasers. And most importantly, have fun!

If you're sure your nerves can take in the challenge and still function to its maximum efficiency then you have found the right cradle! Code your FPGAs, Controllers, own programs and of course your brains for ultimate throughput in the challenges that are going to be thrown at you.

Crack the code Sr

Are you a person who couldn't have enough of your C/C++ back in first year? Then this event is the chance for you to get in touch with the fundamentals. Unleash the programming geek in you!

Download the problem statement here


Dynasties have risen and fallen. Wars are merely not fought with swords but with Brains. True to this saying, Shakuni brings out the importance of Mathematics which is the base for any Algorithm. Coding languages have been structured purely through Mathematical skill. The dice game showcases the talent of Shakuni. Every ambitious coder will appreciate the beauty in his clear thought processing. Come over and show us your prowess in the field of, not just computers, but the computing world through a set of 7 contests that shall test, taint and exhaust you of all ideas.

Download the problem statement here


Have you ever felt like creating a brand new app for mobile with a unique theme and concept? Does the programmer within you want to develop something with will outrun the current trending apps like "WhatsApp" , "Temple run" , etc.,on which we spend hours together? Then this competition provides you a pertinent platform where you can showcase not just your programming skills but also the innovation in applying it.

Download the problem statement here

Sorry for inconvenience, please RESEND your abstract to mad.sastrad7@gmail.com

Last Date for submitting abstract: Feb 14,2013

Last Date for submitting application : Feb 18,2013.


We're pretty sure you love our website! And we know how challenging it is to design one and so we devised this event involving website designing and maintenance. This is an event where people with a taste and interest for web designing will discover their true potential. Who knows, the next Zukerberg might just be you!! .

Download the problem statement here


TEAM Kishore:http://electonicsplanet.comyr.com/

TEAM GOLDFISH:http://ebazar.comuv.com

TEAM HUCKSTER:http://musiqology.in/shop/index.php

TEAM BHAGIRATH:http://eshopee.freeiz.com

TEAM WEBPEDIA:http://www.shoppee.tk

TEAM Come on da boyz:http://vishal-sms.site50.net

Youth Parliament


•As an initiative to promote political awareness in SASTRA University, Daksh this year is hosting a Youth Parliament in our campus. The event will be simulating the procedure in the Rajya Sabha of the Indian Parliament, also known as the Council of States. It is hoped that participation in the event will stimulate an interest in the political process and structures in the Indian Parliament, an interest that is indispensible for young adults if they are to become responsible citizens in our democracy.

Youth Parliament Preparation


•All students from any discipline in SASTRA University are invited to participate.


•At the nearest PR desk.

Composition of the Parliament

In Parliament
The Rajya Sabha is also known as the Upper House of Parliament. Its composition is based on the population of the States of India, with more populous States receiving more seats in the House. The members are elected by the State Legislative Assemblies, who hold their position for 6 years. One third of the House retires every two years, so the Rajya Sabha is a permanent body.

Today, given the scenario of coalition politics, members in the Rajya Sabha are from various parties, with no one party enjoying a complete majority. Including 12 nominated members, the maximum strength of the Rajya Sabha is 250.

When they register students are invited to give their preference for State and Party. The strength of Parliament is limited to 244. Preference in allotment will be given to students who register first. The final allotment will be published on the 17th of February, after which the students will be aware of which constituency they are the Member of Parliament (MP) for, and in which party they are in.

Agenda for the Sitting

Agenda will be confirmed on the website on the 17th of February. MPs can expect issues of contemporary and current importance to be raised, such as:

•Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Sector.

•Protection of the dignity of women.


•As much as is practicable, the procedure shall resemble that of the Parliament in Delhi.

•MPs may submit their policies in advance to the organisers, who will then allot them time in the sitting of the House.

•The Chairman shall regulate the debates in Parliament, and may ask an MP who has held the floor for an excessive amount of time to cede the floor to another MP.

•MPs shall speak only when the Chairman indicates that it is their turn. When they have the floor, the MP may only be interrupted by the Chairman.

•The Chairman shall decide on whether or not a motion is to be put into vote, and shall decide if a motion has been passed or not.

•Detailed rules of procedure will be hosted in the Daksh website soon.

•It is recommended that students read the PDF document to acquaint themselves with the idea of a Youth Parliament

It is hoped that the event will witness enthusiastic and intelligent participation from the students of SASTRA University.

Arjuna or Abhimanyu -(Robo Race)

The Arenas are designed in the ancient war times to prove the effective planning & in increasing the morale of the soldiers. It demands the logical war thinking and the swiftness of the mind of the person penetrating through it and solving it. Padmavyuham is a very complicated arena created and used during the Mahabharata time in the Battle of "Kurukshetra", by the Master of the war plans and the Guru of Pandavas & Kauravas Shri Dronacharya. Here in Daksh 7 We present you with the event Arjuna or Abhimanyu. Arjuna and Abhimanyu were the valour's who had the penetrating skills and they were the one who can solve the arena Padmayuham in the Battle. Here with the arena provided, Prove the warrior in you!!!!

Download the problem statement here

Download the arena here


"How we create smart cities can be incredibly complex but can also start with small innovations." - GOOD

The root idea behind this event is to quench the growing need for logically and technologically smart solutions for soaring problems in the evermore developing cities. This is not just a competition. This is about solving the problems of the world connected to you. This is about transforming the slow world to a smart, sensible and live-easy world.
Indian 'cities' will be in a position to create 70% of all new jobs over the next 20 years - jobs that will attract a significantly higher ratio of rural population into the cities. -McKinsey

Download event description here

Download the problem statement here

Last date for submitting abstract:FEB 15


Mr. Anand Sampathraman
Practice Head
Plant & Enterprise Eco-Sustainability Solutions
Tata Consultancy Services


Dexter's LabVIEW

LabVIEW is the solution that makes it happen for engineers and scientists who design test, measurement and control systems. But did you know that there's also an awful lot happening all around LabVIEW too?

A graphical programming environment used by millions of engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test and control systems using intuitive graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart.

Team DAKSH comes with an extravagant platform to unrivaled integration with thousands of hardware devices for an advanced analysis and data visualization and automation all for creating virtual instrumentation of some of the most unimaginable processing tasks such as a motion control using eye movement with a LabVIEW software and a camera, some of the mind blowing concepts of processing tailored with the LabVIEW software for Face recognition vision system. Some of the outstanding and out of the box thinking problem statements for sorting out fabrics based on their quality with the G-programming to adding intelligence to the current mail delivery system which help bring more accountability to the current mail delivery system.

This is the "Dexter's LabVIEW " all about.

Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done. So get into the insights of this Lab and crack the statements provided by the experts of NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS LabVIEW.

Download the problem statement here

Bears And Bulls

Workshop by National Instruments

Acquire - Analyse - Automate using LabVIEW

Contact Organizer for more details

Registrations Closed



A two days workshop on Automotive Engine Design. Our team had Developed a prototype for a Gyro Car (a self balancing 2wheel car) which Is made to run by a water engine, All Terrain Vehicle, Solaris and many More. All the concepts are explained in detail with the Help of Theory and With Specially Designed Animations which would help students to visualize Things before practically working on it.

Stellaris ARM Controller

The two-day hands-on workshop covers the architecture of ARM Cortex-M4F-based microcontrollers from Texas Instruments, data, program memory, peripheral organization and its special features. The peripherals include I/O Ports, Timers, PWM, A/D Converters, Universal Serial Interfaces and Comparators. The course is structured and tailored to meet the need of the engineering students to get a very good exposure of Mixed Signal Controllers which can be very well extrapolated to any other platform. Typical applications could be battery powered sensor signal acquisition, processing and serial transmission to a host system. The sessions will be handled by very proficient industrial programming experts.

Key Takeaways: Good experience in designing and programming embedded system based projects.

Pre-requisites: Basic C Language skills.

The MSP430 microcontroller

The two-day hands-on workshop covers the architecture of Ultra Low Power 16 bit RISC and its peripherals which include I/O Ports, Timers, PWM, A/D Converters, Universal Serial Interfaces and Comparators. The course is structured and tailored to meet the need of the engineering students to get a very good exposure of Mixed Signal Controllers which can be very well extrapolated to any other platform. Typical applications could be battery powered sensor signal acquisition, processing and serial transmission to a host system. The sessions will be handled by very proficient industrial programming experts.

Key Takeaways: Good experience in designing and programming embedded system based projects.

Pre-requisites: Basic C Language skills.

Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation

This workshop is dedicated on Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation. Computer Forensics is a detailed and scientific study, research and implementation of computer science subjects for the purpose of gathering digital evidence in cases of cyber crimes or for other scientific research purposes also it introduces the needs of the current cyber security sector.

Certification A 'Certificate of Participation' by HoriZON (A Unit of MBS Group) will be given. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Merit'.

Interest to Learn.

Topics that will be covered

Power Talks

             Shri S.Gurumurthy
             Thought Leader

             Topic: Spirit of Indian Woman & Womanhood
             February 23, 2013, 3 p.m to 5 p.m.
             Profile Link
            Smt. Vishakha Hariji

            Disciple of Padmabhushan Lalgudi G.Jayaraman 
            & daughter- in law of Shri Krishnapremi Swamigal

            Topic: Women in Indian Epics
            February 23, 2013 9:30 a.m. to 11:15a.m.
            Profile Link
            Smt. Ilampirai Manimaran
            Renowned Public Speaker

            Topic: Management concepts in Mahabharatha
            February 23, 2013, 11:45 to 1:00p.m.
            Profile Link
            Sekkizaar Adi-p-Podi Dr. T.N. Ramachandran
            An acknowledged cognoscente of Tamil Saivism 

            Topic: Cosmic Dance of Shiva
            February 22, 2013: 3:15p.m. to 4:30p.m.
            Profile Link
            Professor of Finance & Control
            UTI Chair Professor in Capital Market Studies
            Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

            Topic:Global Financial Crisis and the Indian Response
            February 22, 2013:	12:00 noon to 1:15 p.m.
                Profile Link
            K.N. Radhakrishnan
            President & CEO,
            TVS Motors Limited.

            Inaugural address
            Feb 22, 2013 at 9:15 a.m.
            Profile Link

Will be updated soon

Daksh Intern Fair

If you are a student and looking for spending the summer in a wise way, you are at the right place.

Both undergraduates and graduates, who are enrolled in a degree program, from any university in any state, come experience and get the most of it this summer!

It's known that the benefits of an internship goes beyond a pay cheque. An internship experience can give you many things, from a life changing experience to networking opportunities in the corporate sector. You also have a chance in making yourself from an intern into a full time employee.

For the very first time, we are providing an unique platform wherein as a whole, you can gain immense confidence in yourself and improve your job-search skills in the most effective way.

This is a free event focussing only on the benefits of the students.

Dates:22nd, 23rd, 24th Febraury.

Venue:SASTRA campus

Make you fair visit effective in being professional and we wish you all the best in advance.

Sign Up for DAKSH and click on Event Registration, and get ready for the show!


DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a rural BPO company, incubated by RTBI of IIT- Madras. They set up IT enabled service centers in rural areas, employ and train local people to meet the back office demands of clients.

The DesiCrew story is of a rural BPO pioneering a new vision for stimulating inclusive growth in India. With a decentralized business model providing competitive outsourcing solutions to clients and meaningful employment opportunities, they have established a technology driven, profit making social enterprise.

Transcription role:

Transcribe an audio recording/lecture in a timely manner, paying rigorous attention to verbatim transcription and precise translation as needed.

Editor Role:

a) Listen to video and edit the raw transcript
b) Output should be in a readable format for students across the globe.

a) Good English knowledge
b) Computer literacy
c) Should have passion for writing

Any Engineering/Science graduates.

Rounds of selection:

1. A general topic will be given. An approving essay has to be written on it. Here, your writing skills will be monitored.

2. A sample video will be played and it has to be put down to words(i.e. transcription). This checks your concentration and listening skills.

Organisation Link:  http://www.desicrew.in/


FACE is an IIM Graduates' Enterprise which was started in the year 2008 and has evolved as India's fastest growing skill development organisation catering to the diverse needs of the educational institutions and corprates with their highly result oriented skill development programs.

All the finalists from two events, MAD and WEBSENSE, from the cluster 'Code and simulate' would be given an opportunity to take up the interview process here.

Internship offer: Software development intern.

All the finalists of the three events" B- plan", "Buckle up" and "manage-men-t" of the cluster ENVISAGE would be given the opportunity to take up the interview process directly.

Internship offer: Business development intern

So register for the events to get this opportunity.

Inducted interns would be paid with a stipend of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000 based on the role that has been given to them.


For Software development role: (Any of these)

1. Programming skills.
2. App development skills.
3. Web designing.

For Business development role:
1. Marketing skills.
2. Managerial skills.

Organisation Link:  http://www.focusacademy.in/


Adormi provides build-it-yourself electronic products to schools, engineering and polytechnic colleges worldwide. It enables educational institutes to create world class curriculum. Adormi products include all hardware components, simple pictorial step-by-step guide, videos, simplified class-room theory, market trends and career planning guide for students.

Adormi also offers a certification program for students to assess their knowledge in the electronic industry market. Adormi has a strong relationship with the semiconductor companies to provide diverse industry ready kits for educational institutes.

Here, students are charged for the internship program.

This program provides students exposure to industry level work and industry executives. They arealso required to work on real life products.

To get the details on the kits:

Visit the site,

The details about the internship are as follows:

1) 2 Months Internship
• Suitable for First, Second and Third Year students.
• Chance to build 2 products basic or 1 intermediate/1 advance complexity level belonging to any one industry.
• Complete certification course with key provided in the product.
• Personalized interest assessment test in engineering field to guide you for your career.
• Get Online and phone support for product building.
• Available at Internship Service Fee of Rs 1990 + Kit's price.

2) 6 Months Internship
• Suitable for Third, Final Year Engineering/Polytechnic/MSC.
• Chance to build 2 advanced products of your choice.
• Certification and opportunity to deliver concise and professional presentations to Senior level Executives.
• Two Interactive sessions with Industry experts from Intel, Oracle, Texas Instruments etc. through live webinars.
• Career counseling sessions with Industry Expert.
• Oppurtunity to get new project idea adopted in Adormi Product Portfolio.
• Intern Presentation will be evaluated By Industry Executives.
• Candidate will get opportunity to research latest Market trends in the assigned electronics market segment.
• Intern will get aid for Resume and Mock Interview Preparation
•Available at Internship Service Fee of Rs 3990 + Kit's price.

Organisation Link:  http://www.adormi.com/


Bhumi, founded in 2006 is one of India's largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. The volunteers comprising students and young professionals work for the holistic development of under-privileged children and conservation of the environment in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Rajasthan and several other parts of the country.

They work with children in orphanages, slum and village community centres; educating and mentoring them for a better future, for both themselves and our country.

Know more about the internship PDF1,  PDF2

Other profiles on management related disciples will be added.

Organisation Link:https://bhumi.org.in/

Report Bee

Report Bee is created with the vision to get useful and actionable insights from data. While there are software available that can give some of the information, it's have found that they are very cumbersome for daily use and decision making. There is real need for simple but powerful data visualizations that can make information consumption a pleasure.

Report Bee can easily plug in to your school system/process with minimal hassle. It makes information access a breeze and pleasure.

Report Bee processes entire set of standard reports in seconds.

Process of selection:

Round 1: Puzzle solving which can be attended by any department student of any year of study.

Surprising goodies will be provided for the winners of the first round.

Round 2: Interview round.


Organisation Link:https://www.reportbee.com/

Bhojan Atews

Bhojan Atews, founded in September 2010, is one of the growing NGOs in India with youngest minds at administration. Bhojan undertakes projects that offer educational, physical and mental development to orphans, semi orphans, kids below the poverty line, tribes, physically challenged and abandoned children. Currently focusing fulltime in the suburbs and rural areas of Trichy, Thanjavur, Dindigul and Coimbatore, Also, Extending to Chennai. Bhojan’s center’s are set up in existing orphanages, shelters, hospitals and make shift centers in villages. Bhojan takes up restoring and reviving old buildings to create learning centers. Bhojan has a diverse working environment and looks for student volunteers who can be creative, dedicated and professional in their work.


Weekend Coach for children (Tribal and cancer patients)

Training will be provided before the work period.

Weekends only (5 hours) - Work place within 20 mins of travel from college.

Boys/Girls- Tamil speaking- preferred

Executive Organizer

For all year long projects

Need to be able to coordinate projects, supervise, maintain field records and keep things running.

Campus ambassador/ Fundraising coordinator

A campus recruiter and coordinator for events and classes.

Period of Internship will be discussed after selection.

Need to fill out a small questionnaire.

Certificates will be provided on completion of Internship.

Letter of recommendation will be provided on excellence of work.

Organisation Link:http://www.bhojanatews.org/


FOOFYS is one of the recently launched products of the successful startup company of Mpigeon. The idea of foofys is to go beyond the boundaries of normal social networking sites by helping people JOIN, ENGAGE and CREATE valuable social networks and contacts. FOOFYS is a free mobile app available on all the smart phones. They provide you a massive platform for meeting new people, creating valuable social connections with regard to careers, professions, jobs, interests, events, travel ,tourism etc and advertise your products. They believe in creating a meaningful social experience.

Offer internships in the following areas.

Full time Team

1. Android /ios /windows app developer

•Should have created apps out of Interest.
•should know English.
•Should have experience with a team.

2. Web developer

•Should have built at least two portals.
•Should have used at least one api.
•Should know any or all the languages - html, css, jquery, php, jsp, java.

1.Verbal interview, 2.Technical test

3. Algorithm developer

•iq test
•Sample work

4. Social Media Strategists

•Should have a wide knowledge of social media marketing
•Should be aware of the new applications on the digital and social space

The above positions are open to all students from all the branches.


Ixora Biosciences is a life science company specialized in Genomics, Bioinformatics, Bio-IT and Health Informatics.

The Vision of Ixora Biosciences is to improve healthcare through application of information generated from modern biology research to clinical sciences.

Ixora develops databases and bioinformatics tools using the expertise in cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Computer Science.


Internship for Bio-Informatics


Preliminary test on basics of Bio-Informatics.

Second Round will be personal interview.

Preliminary test on the topics mentioned below:

Basic knowledge in Biochemistry, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Genetics and Cancer biology.


Penumbra is an e-magazine exclusively for the youth clan of our nation. We at penumbra discuss about various topics related to youth and try to provide a common platform, where in these information can be shared and discussed with everyone. So,those who are ready to take up on various issues with their writing are welcome, as the famous proverb say 'Pen is mightier than sword'.

As the technology progresses , we should also progress, right? Students from different colleges across the nation with similar thoughts have come forward and started this magazine.


Posts available are :
1) Editorial team
3)Designing(Cover Page)


Titan Industries Limited is the world's fifth largest wrist watch manufacturer and India's leading producer of watches under the Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, RAGA, Regalia, Octane & Xylys brand names. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group, and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO).[4] Its product portfolio includes watches, accessories and jewelry, in both contemporary and traditional designs. It exports watches to about 32 countries around the world with manufacturing facilities in Hosur, Dehradun, Goa and manufactures precious jewellery under the Tanishq brand name, making it India's only national jewelry brand.

Company offers:
1.On field Training.

Disciplines: Mechanical, EEE, ECE , EIE, Production:

Internship can be given with following considerations:

1.Time period will be either 6 days or 12 days.

2.Starting & ending days must be day Monday & Saturday respectively, not in between the working days.

3.Max no of students who can be accommodated will be 15 at the same time.

4. Bonafide certificate / Internship requisition signed by your principal should reach us 20 days before the starting date of internship.

5. Students will undergo process observations inside the factory & will be assigned with small tasks if needed by company, they won’t be doing projects.

6.Timings & Guide details will be given during internship.

7.At the end of internship, students have to submit a 4 page report of their learning.

Selection process:

A basic test will be conducted!

Topics for EEE, EIE and ECE are Analog and digital electronics, LIC, Microprocessor basics and VLSI.

For mechanical dept, the topics will be Designing of mechanical elements and Kinematics.

Educational Fair


Hello students! A counseling session will be held on Saturday, Feb 23rd, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM and Sunday, Feb 24th, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The following areas will be covered in detail! Be there to be guided on the right path!

Feb 23rd:

9:00 AM-12:30 PM:

Admission Procedures for US, Australia, Germany, Singapore and other Abroad Universities,

Visa Processing Procedures

Life Overseas post admission by Education Overseas.

Sources of funding in liaison with Admission & Visa Procedures by Credila Financial Services.

Feb 24th:

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM:

Career opportunities by Belindaa Educational & Advisory Services.

Education in UK by BRITISH COUNCIL.


•Optimisation Techniques
•Operations Research

Design and safety analysis
•Racing cars & their Track design and Safety

•Aerial and space Robotic Technology

•Hybrid vehicles & Continuous Variable Transmissions

Thermal Engineering
•Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Last Date of abstract submission: 19.02.2013

Electronics,Electrical and Instrumentation

•Information hiding and security



•High Voltage

•Wireless Communication

•Smart Grid/ Grig integration of renewable energy sources

Last Date of abstract submission: 19.02.2013

Civil Engineering

•Transport planning and Traffic engineering

•Water resources engineering

•Recent trends in Construction management

•Advances in Geotechnical engineering

•Environmental engineering

Last Date of abstract submission: 19.02.2013


•Food & Biotechnology


•Gene theraphy to cure inherited diseases

•Novel drug delivery & diagnostics methods

•Clinical importance of biophysics

•New trends of sustainability in chemical engineering

•Nano technology in chemical engineering

•Computational biology

•Bioprocess Engineering, Drug Design

•Downstream Processing of biological and Chemical Products

Last Date of abstract submission: 19.02.2013


•Image Processing

•Cloud Computing

•Embedded Systems

•Advanced databases and data mining techniques

•Mobile Computing

•Network Protocol and Security

•Web Security

Last Date of abstract submission: 19.02.2013


The basic enigma that tests the ingenuity of a mind is a puzzle. Various approaches for a puzzle are assembling pieces in a logical order, to cracking codes.

But has the thought been given to entangle the puzzles that stem from an image where in the player is intended to discover the hidden word with his knowledge in software coding and place it in a slot mentioned. So here's the doors opening to bring out the inductive reasoning aptitude hidden within each one of us in this online puzzle solving event organized by "Team DAKSH" of SASTRA University. With all the needed recognizing patterns and the discovery to complete may help to crack a puzzle faster by those with faster deduction skills.

This is what the event "Hide and seek" is all about.
Exclusively designed as an online event for thousands of puzzle lovers to dive in and search the word for the image and place it in the URL(address of the web page).
May sound fun but it's the game of the mind ,but not going to be easy be patient....investigate...and take up this challenge !
Grab this opportunity and discover the potential and the decoding skills within you.

Start Playing Now

How to play:


1) You may replace the existing url with the word found in the image
For example:
If the existing url is www.daksh.sastra.edu/empuzzle/dark.php
If the word found in the image is "letter" then
Change the url as www.daksh.sastra.edu/empuzzle/letter.php

2) Always make sure that you change the word that exists before ".php" only.

3) (.php) will be common in the url for every page.

4) Words can be hidden anywhere in the image even in the properties of the image.

5) Make sure that you won`t share the answers of puzzles with anyone.

6) The person who ever completes the puzzles first and second will be awarded the prize money.

7) Hints are provided for every question in the same page. They are the best guide.

8) Please make sure that you hit save and logout button whenever you want to leave the game.



Undoubtedly, one of the greatest challenges in today's global scenario is to withstand the pace of the stock market. This event of the Envisage cluster will probe you for your management and risk taking skills. The one who succeeds against all odds will rule the NASDAKsh.

Event Format:

Prior registration in the DAKSH website for the event is a must.

Then participants should register on moneypot.in WITH THE SAME EMAIL ID as given for DAKSH registration and start playing. Link is given below.

•This is an individual event which will go on till the end of DAKSH 7

•Each participant will be given initial virtual money to trade in the virtual Stock Exchange NASDAKSH.THe participants may trade in shares, stocks, commodity, mutual funds etc.

•The event will be conducted in the real time as per the BSE timings 9:15 am to 3:30 pm.

•Prices will fluctuate based on the demand and supply in the market

Link- www.moneypot.in

Cluster Head


Prize Money:
Rs. 22,000

Contact :

Prudhvi - 8015267547
Tharun - 7418140036
Akshay - 875432246

Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000

Contact :

Devanandh - 9488086482
Venkat - 9791568145

Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000

Contact :

Karteek - 9790292132
Ravi - 9790281918

Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 16,000

Contact :

L Manoj - 9159862884

Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 16,000

Contact :

Prashanth - 9894068789
Sashank - 7418370354

Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 18,000

Contact :

Teja - 9789287132
Bharadwaj - 7708659474

Prize Money:
Rs. 35,000

Contact :

Ravi - 9566723156
Viswas - 7845453224

Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 25,000

Contact :

Subash - 8903558586

Cluster Head


Prize Money:
Rs. 8,000

Contact :


Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000

Contact :


Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000

Contact :

Ramakrishna- 9840077935

Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000

Contact :

Ramya sree -9094517373

Cluster Head


Prize Money:
Rs. 16,000

Contact :

Abhiram - 9600212436
Kalyan - 7667432614


Prize Money:
Rs. 22,000

Contact :


Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000

Contact :

Suresh - 9790306536
sree subha- 9790308717

Prize Money:
Rs. 22,000

Contact :


Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000

Contact :

Tarun - 8056850836
Aditya - 9790478306

Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000

Contact :

Ankur - 8220703747
Teja Prakash-8681894834

Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000

Contact :

Teja - 9789287132
Bharadwaj - 7708659474

Prize Money:
Rs. 16,000

Contact :



Prize Money:
Rs. 22,000

Contact :

Poojitha - 7200382568
Sruthi - 9444711475

Cluster Head

Navin Barathwaj-9901537380

Prize Money:
Rs. 8,000

Contact :

Meher - 9789690719

Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000

Contact :

Avinash- 8807635054
bharath-9791747537 buckleup.daksh@gmail.com

Prize Money:
Rs. 16,000

Contact :

Avinash- 8807635054

Cluster Head


Prize Money:
Rs. 22,000


Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000


Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 20,000

Ramya KA-9790294922

Prize Money:
Rs. 18,000


Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000


Cluster Head


Prize Money:
Rs. 8,000


Prize Money:
Rs. 8,000


Prize Money:
Rs. 12,000


Prize Money:
Rs. 14,000


Prize Money:
Rs. 22,000


Cluster Head

Abhinav Pandey-9629121218

Attractive Prizes sponsored by IBM

Contact :


Attractive Prizes sponsored by IBM

Contact :


Prize Money:
Rs. 16,000

Contact :

Sai Bharath-7418839681

Prize Money:
Rs. 17,000

Contact :

vikas- 8524971778




Sharad raj: 9677616627


Puneeth K.G-

R Swaminathan- 9677039835


Feb 22,23

Chaithanya Vihar
(New Law Building)

Prize Money:
Rs. 17,000

Ravi Kiran-9790281918

Component's Partner

Prize Money:
Rs. 17,000


Prize Worth:
Rs. 1,60,000

Manoj - 9159862884
Karthik- 9566723511


Sridhar Ganesh

Poorani Keerthana


Date:20,21 Feb

Team Size:One per Team






Date:16 Feb

Team Size:One per Team


Sridhar Ganesh

Poorani Keerthana



Date:20,21 Feb

Team Size:One per Team


Sridhar Ganesh

Poorani Keerthana



Date:20,21 Feb

Team Size:One per Team

Sridhar Ganesh

Poorani Keerthana



Date: 20,21 Feb

Team Size:One per Team


Sridhar Ganesh

Poorani Keerthana


Duration:2 Days


Date:20,21 Feb

Team Size:One per Team


Sridhar Ganesh

Poorani Keerthana


Duration:2 Days


Date: 20,21 Feb

Team Size:One per Team

  Nandan-+91 9790313614
  Suraj-+91 9790314642
  Preethi-+91 9789225020


Click here for Schedule











Prize Money:Rs.20,000



Prize Money:Rs.20,000


Meher - 09789690719
Navin Bharadwaj- 09901537380


  • Build
  • Prakrithi
  • Design
  • Envisage
  • Innovate
  • Involve
  • Code & Simulate
  • Bears and Bulls
  • National Instruments
  • DSP
  • Cyber Forensics and Crime Investigation
  • ARM Controller
  • MSP 430 Controller
  • Business Quiz
  • DAKSH Main Quiz
  • DAKSH Scitech Quiz
  • Celeritas Quiz
  • Youth Parliament
  • Arjuna or Abhimanyu
  • Smart Cities
  • Dexter's LabVIEW
  • Bike Show
  • Sand Art
  • Snake Show
  • Archery Range
  • Tvs Motor show

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