DAKSH Circuit Design Challenge(DC-DC)

Event Description:

“There is a way to do it better –find it” were the golden words of great scientist Thomas Edison. Make use of all the technological advancements to design a working model for the given problem statement. This is the exact platform to showcase your innovation.


  • Team can have maximum of three members
  • Teams have to pre-register for the event on the website
  • You should make any 3 circuits and demonstrate[If you done with 4 circuits, bonus points will be awarded]
  • Teams must use their own components for the first round, however they will be provided with components in the second round
  • In case of any discrepancy, judges’ decision will be final

Round 1:

Questions will be posted on the website. Teams must design a circuit for the same and demonstrate it. Points will be awarded based on accuracy, simplest design and execution.

Round 2:

A problem statement will be given on the spot. Teams must design a solution and implement it. Components will be provided.
Teams will be judged based on level of implementation, speed, optimum component use and simplicity of design.

Prize Money : Rs.18,000/-


Kavya Balasubramanian - 9600653224
Ramakrishnan - 9940282260

Prelims Questions