The participant has to localize the bot to the specified destination location in the arena using Computer Vision and Motion Planning techniques. A camera feed from the top will be provided to the participant. This is a sample image of the arena and not the real one. However the colors used will be the same.

Arena Description

The bot has to start from the start zone in Green colour. The bot can only move through the blue patches. The red zone is danger zone and if the bot enters the red zone penalty will be deducted. The black patches are checkpoints from which the participant will be allowed to respawn their bot. The yellow zone is the finish zone where the bot has to stop. In order to complete the track the bot has to stop in the finish zone for 5 sec.

Red - #FF0000 – Danger zone
Blue - #0000FF – Movable path
Green - #00FF00 – Start zone
Black - #000000 - Checkpoint
Yellow - #FFFF00 – Finish zone

Bot Specifications:

  • Maximum size of the bot 25cm x 20cm x 20cm (L,B,H).
  • Maximum allowable voltage across two terminals 12V.

Judging Criteria:

Total points = Time taken to complete the track (in sec) + 15 * No. of penalties + 10* No. of Pit Stops
The one with the least score Wins!!!.

Round 1:

TDP (Team Description Paper) submission.
Please submit your Team Description Paper with the answer to the following questions.

  • How do you identify your bot in the arena?
  • How do you plan your path?
  • How do you move your bot from x1, y1 to x2, y2?

Round 2:

This is an onsite round that will be held during the fest..

Last date for TDP Submission is 17th Feb


Link 1
Link 2

Prize Money : Rs.19,000/-


Sriram - 9840110934
Balamuragan - 9884953564

You have to mail your TDP submission to