Event Description:

With a perfect blend of technology and entertainment where techies wrestle and hustle with their Bots, the stage is set. So battle out with your opponents to establish your supremacy. Gather up your guts and remember that only the fittest survive!! Create a win-win scenario for your bot as well as for you from the enthralling battle!

Problem Statement:

Design a manually controlled sumo Robot which is capable of pushing your opponent out of the ring.


Only task of the Robot is to push your opponent out of the ring.

Arena Description:

Circular platform of 1500mm diameter.


  • The game is one on one match in which one team competes with the other team.
  • The game lasts for 3 minutes.
  • Only one member of each team is allowed to enter the arena. Only one team member is allowed to control the bot.
  • The robots are placed in their respective starting zones before the match starts.

Robot Specifications:

  • Maximum dimensions of the robot at the start of the match are 300mm in width, 300mm in length, 300mm in height.
  • The robots can extend after the start of the match to any length.
  • The robots must not use readymade parts and should be designed themselves, failing which, the teams will be automatically disqualified.
  • Both wired and wireless bots are allowed.
  • In case of wired bots, the cable length should be at least 1.5 meters.
  • The robot can be powered by DC battery and the maximum voltage allowed between any two points will be 12V.
  • Pneumatics can be used and a maximum pressure of 6 bar is allowed provided the pneumatic hose should have a pressure indicator.
  • Hydraulics or any other form of energy is not allowed.
  • If the team is using Li-Po or Li-ion batteries, it is the team’s responsibility to make sure that there is no risk involved.


  • There can be maximum of 4 participants per team.
  • The robot should not try to damage the opponent bot. It is only allowed to either push or lift the opponent bot.
  • All the teams have to register their names within the first hour of the day in the PR close to the arena during the day of the event.
  • According to which, the schedule will be planned and the teams will be called. During a call, if the team is not present, score will be recorded as zero for that try.
  • Nothing should be added specifically to increase the weight of the robot. If found so, the bot will be immediately disqualified.
  • The robots cannot modify or damage the arena in any case. If found so, the team will be immediately disqualified.
  • A robot cannot split into two or more subparts.
  • Maximum allowable weight of the bot is 4.5 kg. This includes batteries and control boards.

Prize Money : Rs.40,000/-