Clash Of CIVILians
(Unravel the MYSTERIES)

Event Description:

Have you ever been mesmerised by the exquisite structures across the globe? Or fascinated by the extra-ordinary concepts that have been used to make them possible? Ever tried to solve the mystery of the structures that have turned into fragments vanishing off into thin air, creating havoc all over? Would you be a better civil engineer in constructing effective water distribution system if given a chance? Trigger your minds and showcase your creativity and management skills.

Round 1:

Participants should come up with a unique structure from the concepts used in the magnificent structures around the world. This is a presentation round which can be with help of softcopy like PPT /hardcopy followed by questionnaire regarding existing structures.You can come directly to present on spot with your softcopy/hardcopy.

Round 2:

Participants will be provided with a disaster scene and the required data along with the images. They have to analyse the disaster with the given data, find the exact cause and provide a feasible solution.

Round 3:

Participants should design an efficient and economical “Water Distribution System” on a planet named "DAKSH" in the area provided with the given dimensions and specifications.

Judgement Criteria

  • Cumulative scores of round2 and round3 with certain weightage.
  • Creative thinking
  • Efficiency and economy of water Distribution System.
  • Judges decision is final.

No.of Participants

Max 3 per team

Prize Money : Rs.20,000/-


M.Guru Praveen Reddy - 8754685339
Swetha Murali - 9952396935