Event Description:

“If Light is in your heart, you will find your way Home.”

A Robotic Maniac??DAKSH brings you a perfect challenge and entertainment for techies where they will have to solve a Maze with their Bots. The track is a set full of Parallel walls which forms a Maze. Let the Brain do the task and remember that only the Brain-iac survives!! Racing to the Finish zone creates awinning scenario for your Bot as well as for you from the trickytask!

Problem Statement

Design an Autonomous controlled Robot which is capable of sensing the walls and move parallel to complete the Maze.


Only task of the Robot is to find a way out of a wall Maze.


The event consists of two rounds.

Round 1:

  • The First round will have a small Maze with no limited number of attempts.
  • Clearing this round will be the ticket for Second Round.
  • Separate Scores are awarded for this round.

Round 2:

  • The Second round will have a bigger Maze with only 3attempts.
  • In Second round the robots are placed in start zone and the bot has to clear the Final Maze without any pit stops.
  • Each pit stop in this round will be considered as an Attempt

Rules and Regulations:

  • Team should not exceed 3 members.
  • Bot must be within the given dimensions (max 30cm X 30cm X 25cm(height)).
  • Autonomous bot should not be externally controlled.
  • External power supply will not be allowed.
  • White wall height will be 30cm and the gap in between the walls will be 35cm.
  • Dimensional error in the wall track will be [+/-2cm]
  • A maximum of 3 trials for round 2.
  • Battery voltage should not exceed 12V.
  • Bot should not damage the arena.
  • Judging panel decision will be final.
  • If necessary, coding will be cross verified by the organisers.
  • Any malpractice in codes and tried to control autonomous bot through wireless connections will be disqualified.
  • Each team must have their own spike buster, laptops, cable for programming, batteries.


  • Clearing First Round will have Points(will be stated at the time of event).
  • ClearingPoints will be deducted for damaging the arena and for bots touching the wall.
  • ClearingTeam with Lesser number of attempts in the final round will be awarded with extra points.
  • ClearingTeams with a tie with number of attempts will be arranged with the basis of time taken to complete the task.


The rules for any action which is not provided in this problem statement will be decided by the coordinators at the spot of the event and the participants are bound to follow those rules.


Vicknesh 8754424301
Ramanan 8015137168


Prize Money : Rs.27,000/-